FIS Adaptiv

Take command of your front-office risk

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Market-leading Calculations and Market Data Risk that Empower the Front Office

FIS™ Adaptiv’s solutions for the front office help investment banks and broker-dealers quickly and accurately calculate XVA and initial margin, as well as addressing their market data risk.

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FIS™ Adaptiv Initial Margin

Adaptiv Initial Margin calculates, prices and stresses IM on your behalf. Built on our Adaptiv Analytics simulation and pricing engine, the solution delivers high-performance simulations.

Reduces trading costs
Ensures reliable IM calculations
Manages liquidity risks
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FIS™ Adaptiv XVA

Adaptiv’s patented technology radically speeds up XVA sensitivity calculation without rewriting the models, combining high performance with broad product coverage.

Generates unlimited sensitivities for a fixed cost
Integrates XVA calculations with credit risk management
Provides documentation and diagnostics to open the “black box”
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