FIS Fox River

Discover algorithms that pick the right price and time to trade


Algorithmic Trading Software That Thinks Like a Trader

FISTM Fox River Execution Solutions (Fox River) provides automated trading technology that helps improve algorithmic trading execution quality, minimize information leakage and decrease overall execution costs.

As a provider of high-performing equity algorithms, Fox River has no bias toward execution venues; we offer our Trader Logic technology, which delivers algorithms that blend human logic with precise mathematical formulas.

FIS Can Help

Capitalize on automated trading opportunities with algorithms that think like a trader

Blend Human Logic and Mathematic Formulas

Leverage our human-supported algorithms to help determine the right price and time to trade

Benefit from Smarter Smart Order Routing

Optimize algorithmic trading execution with Fox River’s unbiased venue routing and order matching

Get High-touch Service in a Low-touch Business

Fox River’s sales trading desk helps you pursue your unique objectives with superior service


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