FIS Front Arena


Ready for a True Front-to-back Trading System?

FIS™ Front Arena encompasses the full trade life cycle for the buy and sell side. It delivers real-time cross-asset trading, order management, portfolio management, risk management, position keeping, general ledger and more.

With Front Arena, CIOs, heads of investment, traders, portfolio managers, risk managers and treasury professionals can meet the most complex business requirements.

How FIS Empowers the Entire Trade Life cycle

Harness a fully integrated platform for front-to-back trade management

Discover Multi-asset-class Capabilities

Take advantage of growth opportunities with best execution and a flexible order management (OMS) and portfolio management system (PMS) that can support any asset class or trading strategy

Access Data and Risk Insights in Real Time

Get real-time position control, performance data and risk analytics at your fingertips to support your trading and investment strategies, no matter how complex

Achieve Global Market Access and Connectivity

Connect to FIS’ global trading network that links more than 2,000 buy-side firms and over 500 sell-side firms to 150 trading venues worldwide


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