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FISTM Private Markets Suite provides an integrated platform of market-leading solutions for hybrid and debt strategies.

Built by industry experts, the suite encompasses the entire front-to-back-office value chain – including portfolio accounting; partnership accounting and allocations; and investor, performance and regulatory reporting – across multiple asset classes.

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FIS™ Control Center

Control Center applies workflow automation to paper operational control sheets, creating: distributed, automated processes with easy-to-read dashboards and sophisticated work allocation capabilities.

Enhance operational efficiency and control
Increase automation and flexibility
Create a centralized view of all asset servicing activities
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FIS™ Data Exchange

Data Exchange is a digital portal that provides private equity firms with advanced mobile-enabled data visualizations, interactive reporting, e-signing and secure document access.

Gain superior insight
Raise and retain capital
Streamline workflows and enable collaboration
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FIS™ Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting is a web-based application that automates the creation of financial reports for asset managers and fund administrators, including hedge funds and private equity firms.

Increase operational efficiency
Lower your total cost of ownership
Create secure, real-time access to data
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FIS™ Investran

Investran, our private equity accounting and reporting solution, unifies data, automates complex processes, and supports smarter accounting while reducing costs, errors and pressure on your team.

Simplify operational complexity
Turn data into insight
Support innovation and growth
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FIS™ Private Equity Rainmaker

Private Equity Rainmaker empowers you to generate alpha and remove portfolio data collection and validation burdens through emerging technology and managed services.

Make the best decisions with validated data
Increase front-office efficiency and focus on growth
Get a single, comprehensive view of data across the firm
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VPM enables hedge funds to portfolio accounting and real-time position management with a robust infrastructure and highly automated, simplified workflows within a single platform.

Improve operational efficiency
Ensure data integrity
Simplify access to mission-critical data and reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FIS Private Markets Suite designed for large or global private equity firms only?


Developed to be highly configurable and customizable, the Private Markets Suite and its underlying solutions, including Investran and Data Exchange at the core, are flexible, scalable and deployable for alternative asset managers of all sizes.

Does the FIS Private Markets Suite cover back-office operations only?


The FIS Private Markets Suite offers a full front-to-back, integrated and automated technology solution for private markets participants.

How do I know which package – Foundation, Select, or Premier – is right for my firm’s needs?


Based on decades of experience working with private equity firms of all sizes, FIS has created tailored solution packages to meet the specific needs of clients exactly where they are in their growth journey. Reach out to see which package is best for you.


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