FIS Bank Account Management


Automating the Bank Account Management Process

FIS™ Bank Account Management solution provides standard workflows for opening, closing and maintaining bank accounts. It automates the bank account management process and provides a workflow-based application with optional connectivity to facilitate electronic bank account management (eBAM).

You can automatically generate documents, correspondence and electronic messages and deliver them via SWIFT or directly to banking partners. And with our reporting capabilities, you can more easily comply with regulations and run a more efficient audit process.

How FIS Empowers Bank Account Management

Modernize your bank account management process

Ease Labor-intensive Processes

Automate and digitize to reduce errors, mitigate risk and save time

Get Complete, Real-time Visibility

Centralize account-related information for greater transparency and monitor activity in real time

Easy to Implement and Integrate

Available standalone or an add-on, you can integrate the solution with any treasury workstation, payment factory or ERP system


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