FIS Integrated Payables

Find Out How

Reap Significant Cost Savings by Converting Vendors to Electronic Payments

This bank-neutral platform transforms accounts payable disbursements from check to electronic payment, eliminating the liability of housing bank account information and reducing paper records. By opting for our virtual card rebate program, your payment execution costs can disappear. In addition, our vendor enrollment service frees your accounts payable (AP) staff from reaching out to vendors to register for electronic payment.

How FIS Empowers Integrated Payments

Transform AP disbursements – check, print and mail, ACH, wire and virtual card – to electronic payment

Make Your Payment Execution Costs Disappear

Realize the monthly rebates available by using our virtual card (vCard) program that requires no tiers or thresholds

Leave Vendor Enrollment and Management to Us

We’ll research your vendors’ contact information and register them for ACH and vCard conversion with a single phone call, leaving your AP staff free to do their jobs

Reduce Liability and the Storage of Paper Records

Housing bank account information spells risk, and maintaining paper trails is labor-intensive and costly, two problems you can eliminate with FIS Integrated Payables


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