FIS Managed Bank Connectivity

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Eliminate the Complexities of Bank and SWIFT Connectivity

FIS’ Managed Bank Connectivity is a SWIFT-certified service bureau that securely connects your treasury and payments solutions to banking partners through direct or indirect connectivity with SWIFT or other exchanges and networks.

With Managed Bank Connectivity, you can securely, reliably and cost-effectively outsource the management of your bank and SWIFT connectivity. FIS also offers an embedded SWIFT Service Bureau with multiple locations.

How FIS Empowers Treasury and Payments

Take a single platform approach that embeds bank connectivity within the treasury and payments offering

Shrink Your Workload and Avoid Headaches

With SWIFT connectivity embedded in a unified solution that FIS manages for you, you can eliminate all administrative tasks and on-boarding requirements

Greater Efficiency and Less Risk

Minimize manual processing and mitigate risk while ensuring compliance with complete audit trail and reporting capabilities

Lower Operational Costs and Better Connectivity

Easily connect to a broad network of banking partners without needing to manage the connections; and at the same time, access your banks’ services more quickly and cost-effectively


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