FIS Standard Terms


Welcome to the FIS Standard Terms page, where you can access the FIS Standard Terms (FST), formerly SunGard Standard Terms (SST), and other agreements and documents related to certain FIS software and services. When referenced in specific ordering documents for certain FIS software or services, these agreements form the basis of your contractual relationship with FIS.

Unless otherwise agreed, the version of the FST or SST that applies to your Order Form will either be the current Global or Regional version, as identified and accessible via the current version links on this page, or an archived, older version, which can either be accessed via the archived version links on this page or by contacting your usual FIS representative.

Global Version


Current Global Version (April 2020) Download PDF
Archived Global Version (July 2018) Download PDF

Regional Versions - Asia Pacific


Regional Versions - Europe, Middle East and Africa


Need Help?

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please contact your FIS representative.

Need help locating the correct version?

You can find out which FST or SST version applies to your Order Form, as follows:

  1. By referring to the opening paragraph of your Order Form. This should specify the date of the FST or SST version that applies to your Order Form and whether it is the Global or a Regional Version.
  2. By referring to the center heading of each FST or SST version
    1. If the center heading of the FST or SST version is “FIS Standard Terms,” then that will be the Global Version.
    2. If the center heading of the FST or SST version is “FIS Standard Terms” followed by a country/region in brackets/parenthesis – e.g. (France) – then that will be a Regional Version.
  3. By referring to the header in the top left-hand corner of each version of the FST or SST. This will specify a date (e.g., “Version 2017.February”) to enable you to determine if that FST or SST version is the current version or an archived version.