We made big data make big changes for Kitsap Bank

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Kitsap Bank wanted to leverage online customer data to forge deeper, more profitable and lasting relationships with its existing customers. But how could the bank ensure it had the right data, ability to efficiently sift through it and put it to work to benefit the bank and its customers?

See how FIS helped Kitsap leverage data and influence 28% of all new sales. #empoweredClients

FIS Active Analytics suite of solutions made sense of Kitsap’s data, grouping online customers according to key lifestyle indicators (KLI®s) – groups like “renovators, decorators and gardeners,” who are predisposed to specific products, such as home equity loans. FIS Pinpoint Marketing then presented these groups with targeted ads relevant to their financial priorities.

Teaming with FIS delivered big results: Engaging only 11 percent of customers – namely, Kitsap’s customers who use online banking – influenced 28 percent of new product sales. Thanks to FIS, Kitsap gained a new window into their data that is driving higher quality customer relationships.


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