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Leading with Payments Innovation

Empowering EFTPOS

EFTPOS – which runs Australia’s number one debit card system – faced dramatic market change, including the rise of contactless cards. But its ability to respond to these new requirements was constrained by its decades-old infrastructure, and the network of 27 independent interbank connections required industry-wide coordination to implement a change.

At a Glance

Provide EFTPOS with new payment innovations to replace outdated infrastructures.
FIS Solutions

EFT Switching Platform

The new high–volume payments hub enabled EFTPOS to roll out chip and contactless cards and enter the online and mobile payment spaces. It also reduces EFTPOS’ time to market for future payments developments, saves millions in operating costs, and helps bring innovative payments services to 23 million Australian citizens.


EFTPOS can easily adapt to changes in customer demand, from the adoption of contactless cards and the demand for speedier payments, to the expansion of transactions to include additional information. With the simplicity and consolidation of FIS’ hub-and-spoke solution, EFTPOS has the infrastructure to better serve end customers and proactively respond to future payments developments.


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As the payments market evolves, the FIS payment hub and the partnership behind it will empower EFTPOS to adopt new innovations and maintain its position as a competitive, domestic payments option in the Australian market.