Client Story

Big Data Leads to Big Profits

Empowering Kitsap Bank

As a 106-year-old community bank, Washington-based Kitsap Bank needed a way to reach younger, tech-savvy customers who bank online. They realized that by analyzing customer data for behavioral patterns and interests, they could promote product offerings to customers based on specific priorities.

At a Glance

Leverage customer data to build more profitable relationships.
Online customers are now grouped by key lifestyle indicators, so that they see specific products based on their needs, such as home equity loans. Communications were improved with online ads served up that reflect their financial priorities.


Kitsap Bank can now see each customer more clearly. With a 360-degree view, they can trigger real-time, relevant offers to better understand customers' habits, interests and financial priorities. After engaging just 11 percent of online banking customers, the bank saw a 28 percent increase in new product sales.


Business loan conversion


Business loan conversion

In the future, Kitsap Bank wants to expand their offerings based on customer data. With help from FIS, the bank will be empowered to drive cross-sell of profitable banking products more efficiently and leverage the system to drive new customer acquisition and greater engagement.