We imagined a system that can issue and manage some of the world’s most complicated financial products – And made it reality



Persisting low yields in traditional asset classes have driven investors to seek novel ways to generate returns, including a renewed interest in complex alternatives, such as structured derivatives. Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) is one of the largest structurers in Germany and a leader in autocallable products.

See how FIS empowers LBBW to issue some of the world’s most innovative financial products. #empoweredClients

For more than 10 years, FIS’ trading and connectivity solution has helped LBBW meet growing demands for structured products, respond swiftly to new market opportunities and adapt to regulatory change. It offers the complete coverage of LBBW’s equity structured products business from the simple to the complex, including pricing, quoting, risk management and distribution. The solution also enables LBBW to publish prices on Reuters, increasing product market exposure, and powers LBBW’s swift response to new business requirements and opportunities with its extension capabilities.

LLBBW has continually invested in the solution to maintain its strong position, and the benefits are many. The bank has increased automation and efficiency through implementation of a complete, integrated system for its structured products. The solution has enabled the bank to innovate and regularly issue pioneering products. Profitability has increased as well, and its features deliver the agile platform LBBW has needed to support its current and future growth.

“The solution had the scope, speed and flexibility that we needed to support this key business. Having worked with them for many years now we knew we could rely on them to deliver, and we have not been disappointed. ”

Dr. Werner Besenfelder, Head of Equity Derivatives Trading, LBBW


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