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BaaS for financial institutions

Tap into new ways to grow your bank

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BaaS for fintechs

Develop new and innovative
fintech offerings

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Reach customers at just the right moment

By empowering embedded finance, Banking as a Service advances the future of commerce and finance.

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What is Banking as a Service?

As non-traditional players jump in, banks that are slow to respond risk losing market share to a new breed of competitor.

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Elements of a successful offering

Explore what you should have in place as you consider forming the bank-fintech partnerships that lead both to new revenues.

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Enabling real-time processing with APIs

APIs help banks adapt to an ever-changing world by connecting transaction touchpoints and improving the customer experience.

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Decoding APIs: New business models

APIs serve as the building blocks for creating new digital experiences and meeting emerging banking and payment needs.

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Educational series

Ready to embrace all that embedded finance has to offer?

Take your first steps in adopting embedded finance by exploring our Simply Fintech educational series, where you’ll learn all the basics.

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