The balance sheet management solution that optimizes your risk-return profile and sharpens your competitive edge

With interest rate uncertainty and the long, steady increase in regulations related to risk management, there’s no denying the need for comprehensive asset liability management (ALM). FIS® Balance Sheet Manager offers the comprehensive toolset you need for addressing growing market and regulatory pressures.

This advanced balance sheet management solution supports better business decisions based on scenario analysis, allowing a combined risk and finance perspective. Its modular structure allows you to build a consistent internal framework for risk management across functional areas, helping you better manage growing business requirements.

Optimize balance sheet management

Satisfy the demands of modern asset liability management with FIS Balance Sheet Manager.

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Analyze balance sheet management

Facilitate balance sheet analysis to strengthen internal management and improve regulatory reporting.

Make customized reporting easy

Automate the data, calculation and reporting process and manage activities through an easy-to-use interface.

Project future earnings

Analyze risk exposures and economic value sensitivities and examine alternative forward-looking scenarios.

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Explore imaginative risk management

Find out why today’s savvy risk manager must anticipate potential problems, use their imagination and test, test, test for ALM.

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Uncover the state of balance sheet management

Take a proactive look at the past, the present and necessary steps for a careful review of your deposit books and bond portfolios.

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Navigate ICAAP

Find out how to overcome challenges in holistic balance sheet management and capital planning (ICAAP) for financial institutions.

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IRRBB guidelines

Resilient, flexible assessment capabilities become essential for evaluating the potential stress impact in different scenarios.

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End-to-end regulatory reporting

Replace inefficient processes and eliminate reporting worries with an all-in-one platform for balance sheet regulatory reports.

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ALM in a rising rate environment

It’s been a while since we’ve seen rising rates, which calls for recalibrating the assumptions that drive your balance sheet profile.

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Lightening the reporting burden

This independent French bank was using technology that lacked the automation needed to produce regulatory reports efficiently.

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First things first

Here’s expert guidance on getting people on board, choosing the right system and mitigating project risk when adopting ALM technology.

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