Managed IT services across cybersecurity, risk, network, cloud, cloud calling, governance and support

To compete and grow, you must improve your speed to market and remove IT as a barrier, a challenge for even the most sophisticated IT departments.

FIS® Managed IT accelerates your cloud journey and IT modernization goals. Our teams deliver comprehensive managed infrastructure and support that simplifies your IT environment with improved stability, security and staffing so you can focus on your customers and key business goals. A partnership with FIS gives confidence that you are secured, resilient and ready for what the future holds.

We offer managed solutions for cloud, cybersecurity, risk and network services as well as unified communications and general IT support.

From obstacle to asset

Harness the full potential of technology by leveraging it as a tool to amplify your abilities, not hinder your progress.

Managed cybersecurity

FIS provides fully managed, multi-layered data security in a complete, homogenous platform.

Managed risk

FIS teams assess and improve your risk levels, update disaster recovery plans, manage third-party vendors and regulatory and compliance processes.

Managed cloud

FIS Managed Cloud Services eliminate the need for institutions to host an on-site data center while maintaining security and control.

Managed network

FIS can design, deploy and manage an end-to-end solution utilizing traditional and next-gen networking solutions.

Unified communications

FIS provides comprehensive communication solutions that enable both the traditional office and remote workforce under a single service.

IT governance and support

Our all-encompassing operations solutions, including service desk management, engineering and more, make it easier for you to do business.

Data security

Our security practices are constantly audited and modernized to ensure you stay ahead of today’s cyberthreat environment.

Scalable velocity

FIS enables and empowers your organization to introduce new solutions faster with higher market impact.


Our flexible technology platform and management service deliver an orchestrated experience that make navigating the cloud simpler.

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Client story

S&T Bank

S&T Bank can rest easy knowing their IT environment is secured and managed by the same FIS-grade security tools, expert staff and best practice processes used to manage and protect the world’s economy.

Insights for Managed IT Services

10 keys to IT success

Keeping up with constant change and increasing complexity is challenging, but together we’ll zero in on the right strategy for you.

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Technology transformation

Dozens of senior-level IT executives provide feedback on trends, lessons learned, best practices, spending strategies and more.

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Managed risk services

Maintain your focus on running and growing your business while we continually assess your risk and keep you compliant.

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Managed mainframe services

If mainframe is the backbone of your IT infrastructure, look no further. Our proven delivery approach is based on your business priorities.

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Partner up against cybercrime

This managed XDR guide spells out a holistic approach to securing all endpoints and covering the entire scope of cyberattacks.

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The old ways just don’t cut it

With more sophisticated security threats and higher stakes, here’s how to ensure maximum protection across your network.

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Staying vigilant

An extended detection and response solution is one of the most effective ways to proactively defend your organization against escalating cyberattacks.

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Ransomware relief

With cybercriminals netting a cool $700M last year, new tools and top experts stand ready to help you avoid becoming one of the victims.

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Navigating your cloud journey

While we keep up with the latest in cloud and security technology for you, you can focus on running and growing your business.

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More products for you

Managed Cybersecurity

Protect your entire organization’s infrastructure and data from rapidly evolving cyberthreats with this multilayered data security platform.

Managed Risk Services

Alleviate issues caused by rapidly changing cybersecurity threats and regulatory compliance requirements with expert guidance and education.

Managed Cloud Services

Increase productivity and lower TCO with cloud financial services that were built in partnership with world-leading cloud providers.

Managed Network Services

Prioritize both your customers and the growth of your business with improved efficiency and scalability.