Client Story

SmartSign Integrated with HORIZON Drives Dramatic Growth

Empowering New Business for Commercial Bank of California

Founded in 2003, Commercial Bank of California serves the business and professional communities of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. To drive business development and provide a friction-free, digital experience for customers, CBC needed to enable account executives to cultivate and close on new business relationships anywhere, anytime by collecting signatures from any connected device. The bank selected SmartSign® integrated with HORIZON Deposit Origination from FIS® to make the transition to a paperless banking environment, streamline back-office workflows and eliminate outdated, time-consuming, expensive and often error-prone manual processes.

CBC had planned a moderate rollout throughout 2020, but global events made it critical for the bank to accelerate its transition to being fully digital.

At a Glance

Driving new business faster and more expansively by adopting a modern, paperless banking environment, SmartSign enabled CBC account executives to forge new relationships from any connected device at any time and anywhere.



With the partnership and expertise provided by FIS, the bank fast-tracked introducing SmartSign integrated with HORIZON and, at a time when other banks experienced slowed business, CBC saw nearly 50% growth in total assets over a one-year period.

The integration enabled CBC to provide great customer experiences fueled by modern banking technology. This empowered the bank to quickly support new commercial client business efficiently and effectively meet PPP loan demand, leading to dramatic asset growth over a single year. HORIZON SmartSign helped accelerate this growth by speeding the opening of commercial deposit accounts that accompanied the loans with the new customers. SmartSign also streamlined back-office workflows, delivering impactful benefits and increased efficiencies for the bank's administrative staff.


Today, CBC provides its commercial business customers with a modern banking experience, expanding its relationships and streamlining its operations. The bank is positioned to build on its recent success with a competitive advantage, as many of its peer banks are only just beginning to adopt e-signature technology.

$1.6 billion total assets Q2 2021

49% asset growth over 1 year

We could do just about everything over email. Our customers executed documents and sent them back without printing anything. They can even provide signatures right on their smart phones.”
− Joseph Gonzales | senior vice president and client experience officer, Commercial Bank of California
COVID slowed many commercial banks to a halt. For us, it created the necessity to accelerate our rollout. Before long, many of our peers were struggling to adopt technology that was rapidly becoming our standard. We looked like geniuses.”
− Joseph Gonzales | senior vice president and client experience officer, Commercial Bank of California
Our primary focus has been on how easy this has made things for clients, but our back-offices have also seen significant benefits and increased efficiencies.”
− Danielle Guerrero | strategic specialist, Commercial Bank of California