Client Story

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Optimizes Processes, Frees Valuable Resources

IBS PREBOTs Empower NBH Bank to Rethink the Possibilities

NBH Bank manages a network of more than 80 banking centers located in Colorado, the greater Kansas City region, New Mexico, Texas and Utah, and operates as three separate brands: Bank Midwest, Community Banks of Colorado and Hillcrest Bank. As part of the FIS® IBS User Planning Committee, the bank was tapped to identify areas of interest in robotics process automation (RPA).

IBS PREBOTs offered the ability to automate and optimize areas of the bank’s lending and deposit functions, eliminating errors and freeing valuable resources to focus on higher-impact tasks.

With a business case of 18 months, the goal was to have six bots fully operational after 20 weeks. FIS conducted numerous discovery sessions with NBH Bank to ensure everything was aligned; as these bots would take over processes normally handled manually, every detail had to be accounted for and carefully managed.

All six PREBOTs were operational well within the original 20-week timeframe. Within the first month, the bots executed roughly 8,000 transactions of various processes. This number soon jumped to 13,000 – far higher than anticipated. The focus then shifted to monitoring performance and process volumes, to determine whether more were necessary or would become necessary down the road.

FIS provided NBH Bank with a best-in-class dashboard that provided foresight to avoid problems before they occurred, and the capacity to ramp up or down RPA operations as needed. In the event of exceptions, PREBOTs offer “human-in-the-loop” capabilities, which allow bank staff to intervene if necessary.

At a Glance

Optimize processes by using robotic process automation (RPA) to eliminate repetitive manual tasks.
NBH Bank, as part of the IBS User Planning Committee and in collaboration with the PREBOTs team, identified areas of optimal impact, replaced repetitive manual processes and gained monitoring for human-in-the-loop capabilities. The bank achieved full operation within the projected time frame, exceeded the projected automated process execution numbers and freed their staff to focus on high-impact work.


The successful implementation and high impact of the first round of PREBOTs drove NBH Bank to greenlight a second phase. They have already identified 20 to 25 different areas where automation could improve operations in alerting, filing, reporting and tracking.

In first month, 8,000 transactions executed

Transactions soon jumped to 13,000, exceeding expectations

Change always comes with risk. FIS was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable, ensuring we crossed every ‘T’ and dotted every ‘I,’ minimizing disruption to our bank operations and our client experience.”
− Joy Myrick, director of strategic technology and project management, NBH Bank
FIS made big promises about what RPA would make possible for us, and FIS delivered.”
− Joy Myrick, director of strategic technology and project management, NBH Bank