Optimize DDA account opening and reduce new account risk


The Real Time DDA Account Origination Solution that Manages Your Risk In All Channels

QualiFile®, is a real-time DDA origination solution that uses behavioral risk segmentation to ensure you open the right accounts in any channel based on your institution’s risk strategy.

Using ChexSystems® proprietary database, external public records and credit bureau data (optional), you’ll have the insights you need to maximize cross-sell, build profitable relationships and prevent losses.

Chex Systems, Inc. (herein “ChexSystems”) is a consumer reporting agency and an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of FIS and the provider of QualiFile service, an FCRA service.

How ChexSystems Empowers Account Origination

Within seconds, QualiFile provides an account opening recommendation based on your risk strategy

Consistent Account Opening Across Channels

Open the right accounts based on your risk tolerance strategy

Industry-Recognized FCRA-Compliant Solution

Adhere to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by assessing all potential DDA accounts across all channels

Integrated, Flexible and Efficient

Easily integrate with existing systems and business rules for automated recommendations or custom decisioning

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