The customer engagement platform built for a marketer, not a data scientist

Capturing customer data is a start, but most marketers lack the technical and analytical skills to use that data to drive intelligent engagements across all touchpoints throughout the customer life cycle. FIS® Engagement Platform provides you with intuitive tools for consistent content management, precise targeting and predictive insights for shaping personalized campaigns that fully engage customers.

This advanced customer engagement solution centralizes data from all sources – internal and external, structured or unstructured – into a real-time, unified customer view. Powered by AI and machine learning, you gain the ability to quickly react to changing behaviors with 1:1 offers driven by the customer’s personal journey.

Meaningful engagements across channels

Leverage the platform’s dashboards to witness and refine how potential customers are engaging with your personalized offers.

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Deliver next-best experience

This customer engagement software continuously learns, helping you engage each customer at the right time in the right way.

Increase adoption, loyalty and profitability

Zero in on your most profitable customers and build strategies to keep them, grow their value and find more like them.

Get started right away

Out-of-the-box functionality keeps it easy, complete with plug-ins to industry standard modules and API integration.

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Continuous improvement

Automatically react in realtime to changing customer behaviors with context, channel and journey-driven offers and communications.

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