• FIS AML Compliance Manager

The cloud-based financial crime fighter

FIS® AML Compliance Manager™ helps your organization with an advanced tool set that drives faster, automated decision-making while eliminating manually intensive tasks that contribute to escalating operational costs.

This modern, cloud-based platform provides easily tailored decision workflows, dynamic customer risk monitoring and advanced suspicious activity detection. An intuitive case manager provides a unified view of customers, alerts and cases across the customer life cycle.

Challenges and opportunities by the numbers

70 %

of the financial institutions surveyed expect to increase their AML-related technology spend in the next two years

250 %

increase in digital channel transactions shows the transaction landscape is continuing to evolve

80 %

of analysts’ time is currently spent addressing routine tasks

32 %

of financial institutions don’t actively track mule activity, despite it being on the rise

Advanced profiling

Improve detection accuracy with adaptive behavioral profiles that extend beyond the customer level. Profiles are updated with each transaction and learn over time.

Intelligent detection

Create derived variables that provide historical context for interpreting various dimensions of behavior and take a risk-based approach to identifying suspicious activity.

Accelerated decision-making

Maintain consistent application of policies, mandates and approval standards while providing a single view of the customer across alerts, cases and regulatory filings.

Easy approval processes

Configure single or multistep approvals for alert and case types and government report preparation. Accelerate approvals by defining which steps occur sequentially or in parallel.

Enhanced collaborative investigation

Add tags, notations and documents at the customer, alert and case levels. Manage information access by permissions that facilitate sharing and support compliance.

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Put the power of AI to work for you

Combat money laundering more efficiently, drive faster decision-making and eliminate costly manual tasks with a modern, cloud-based platform.

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