FIS CD Margin Advisor

Support any new operations and processing strategy


The Margin Requirement Calculator for On-demand Portfolio Calculations

FIS® CD Margin Advisor is a margin requirement calculator that delivers mission-critical software, data and services for the calculation of real-time and theoretical margin requirements. It performs real-time, what-if and initial margin requirement calculations by replicating exchange requirements on demand – enabling intraday transparency, real-time decision support, portfolio optimization and the use of risk reduction techniques.

As a software as a service (SaaS) solution, it eliminates technical support and maintenance costs, reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO), and increases efficiency and revenue.

How FIS Empowers Operations and Processing

Discover the cleared derivatives margin requirement calculator for on-demand portfolio calculations

Enable Intraday Transparency

Replicate your exchange requirements on demand with real-time and what-if margin calculations.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Collateralize your accounts with on-demand margin functionality to support decision-making during violent market volatility.

Reduce Your TCO

Eliminate technical and maintenance expenses with our hosted option, including market data and solution management.

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