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Simplify and strengthen your approach to data privacy and compliance and avoid stiff penalties for noncompliance

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Data and Compliance Solutions That Automate a Complex Responsibility

FIS Decision Solutions offers highly configurable data and compliance tools that help give consumers greater control over how their personal data is collected and used, while making it easier to adhere to regulators’ strict timelines for compliance.

Because this easy-to-use data and compliance solution expands to cover new regulations around the world as they pass into law, you can be confident that you’re always keeping up with changing legal requirements pertaining to data use.

FIS Can Help

Automate privacy program management and regulation compliance

Cover Global Privacy Regulations in a Single Solution

Increase efficiency by eliminating the need to manage compliance separately for each country

Gain Customer Trust with Data Protection

Build customer trust with robust safeguards for how their personal data is used

Reduce Compliance-Related Costs

Save time and money by automating the complexities of changing data privacy and compliance laws

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FIS Data Privacy Manager provides the tools you need to keep pace with strict compliance timelines, help avoid stiff penalties and maintain customer trust through proper handling of personal data

A single solution covering global privacy regulations
Out-of-the-box solution
Highly automated and easy to use
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FIS Decision Solutions offer a solution to help manage emerging data privacy regulations?


Yes, Data Privacy Manager is a comprehensive solution to help manage emerging laws, such as the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).

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