FIS Digital Visualization Portal


Simplify Investment and Fund Data Analysis and Presentation

The FIS® Digital Visualization Portal blends powerful analysis, automated integration and an innovative dashboard for asset managers and fund administrators.

The solution supports your data requirements across the front, middle and back office, offering a centralized view of data, advanced computing capabilities for smarter and faster analysis, and an intuitive user experience.

How FIS Empowers Digital Visualization and Analysis

Use the FIS Digital Visualization Portal’s centralized dashboard to boost efficiency and achieve greater operational control

Powerful Data and Analytics

Handle multiple data sources, quickly analyze vast data sets, and present the resulting information in a crisp, clear format

Data the Way You Want It

Deliver modernized reports that show stakeholders and customers relevant data how and when they want to see it

A Best-in-class User Experience

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to generate and view IBOR data, NAV reports, institutional summaries, position drill-downs and more

RISE subscription

Enjoy a competitive advantage with industry insights and leading perspectives delivered to you as you wake up.