The accounts receivable software that modernizes your credit-to-cash cycle

FIS® GETPAID is a fully integrated, web-based accounts receivable software solution that helps increase cashflow, mitigate risk and drive operational efficiencies.

GETPAID delivers full process automation, workflow and collaboration. Its machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) engine creates a foundation for continuous improvement in working capital and cash flow. Choose from our flexible delivery options including on-premise, SaaS and private cloud.

Increase cashflow

Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and improve cashflow by up to millions of dollars.

Mitigate risk

Deploy AI to recalibrate collection priorities and help your credit managers identify risk.

Improve operational efficiency

Drive accounts receivable automation across your order-to-cash processes, from credit and collections to cash application.

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Solutions contents

AR management to drive automation, workflow and collaboration

FIS GETPAID comprises a complete suite of solutions that represent a breadth of functionality to help you effectively and efficiently manage your credit-to-cash processes.

  • Automate the entire process

    Gain control over matching rules and data elements; achieve first-pass hit rates well above an ERP system; and drive automation, workflow and collaboration via machine learning

  • Focus on priorities

    Use AI to concentrate resources on the 30% of accounts at risk while improving hit rates and reducing DSO, past-due A/R and write-offs.

  • See what’s coming

    Accurately predict delinquency risk 60 days out and strategically target accounts for both collections and legal purposes.

  • Improve your cashflow

    Accelerate payments, reduce the risk of non-payment, open up new opportunities and start accepting credit card payments immediately.

  • Enhance your collections effectiveness

    Make faster credit decisions, monitor credit policy with automated document tracking and stay on top of accounts with automated credit review policies.

  • Reduce resolution cycle time

    Automatically identify, assign, notify, track and escalate disputes; manage complex accounts; and leverage AI to reduce bad debt expense and write-offs.

  • Achieve top value

    Simplify the implementation process and leverage our economies of scale to reduce upfront investment and TCO while speeding up ROI and achieving the highest levels of security.

  • Facilitate enterprisewide collaboration

    Enhance customer service with real-time access to staff and track dispute management via a centralized repository.

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