Integrated receivables software that solves cash flow for your commercial clients

FIS® Integrated Receivables is an integrated receivables solution that removes the resource-intensive cash application process, accelerates the payment cycle, and improves client cash flow for financial institutions’ commercial clients.

We’ve consolidated all payments methods into one platform and automated processes replacing traditionally manual methods of clearing invoices in the client’s ERP system. We also provide additional value-added services as part of the Integrated Receivables suite.

Reduce operational expense

Realign your resources with a reduced cost per transaction, no infrastructure costs and simpler processes.

Improve visibility

Fully automate processes with a single view of payments, exception processing and zero-touch cash application.

Reduce DSO and optimize working capital

Deploy AI-driven risk-based collections with accurate cash flow forecasts and reduce dispute/deduction cycle time.

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Insights for integrated receivables

Improving Cashflow for your Commercial Clients

Explore FIS receivables automation solution that help shorten Financial Institution's commercial clients DSO and improve operational efficiency.

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Improve cash flow for your clients

Remove the resource-intensive cash application process and accelerate the payments cycle for your commercial clients.

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Five reasons to embrace integrated receivables

Executives are serious about embracing a technology solution to improve their cash flow, and what better partner to provide it than you.

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Become a strategic partner

There is no better time than now to look ahead of current offerings to position yourself as a true strategic partner.

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