• FIS Lockbox Processing

Optimizing the payments process with integrated lockbox solutions

Today’s payments processing requirements have become much more complex, requiring greater flexibility, more collaboration and a higher degree of sophistication than ever before. FIS® Lockbox Processing helps you streamline and integrate your lockbox payments and gain a consistent view of your cash position.

Outsourcing processing offers scalable technology, experienced resources and a nationwide footprint to serve your market needs. And the ASP offering provides flexibility while allowing your institution to maintain operational responsibilities. It’s the solution for all your payment needs, including retail lockbox, wholesale lockbox and even wholetail lockbox.

With payment processing centers strategically located in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, FIS ensures comprehensive coverage across the U.S.

Increased flexibility

Allows you to accommodate any payment mechanism.

Improved efficiency

Makes for a more effective payment and receivables operations.

Enhanced working capital

Allows for better management and greater payments visibility.

Renewed focus on core business

Helps you do what you do best and reduce the number of business processes.

Strengthened customer relationships

Frees you to be more responsive and delight customers.

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