Help cardholders build savings or give to good causes

FIS® Round Up™ debit transactions solution gives customers the option to round up their debit card purchase in $1 to $10 increments to build savings or give to a charity of their choice.

By encouraging customers to put their money to use in ways they find meaningful – whether that’s building a financial safety net or diverting some income to others in need – you’ll differentiate your brand and give customers a reason to choose your debit card for every purchase.

Support healthy financial habits with Round Up

76 %

of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

50 %

have less than a 3-month cushion in their savings account

67 %

of donors would like to be able to give more

Differentiated experience

Connect with cardholders on a deeper level by supporting their financial goals.

Controlled contributions

Cardholders choose contribution or savings amount, with optional caps.

Fast transfers

Funds that the customer rounds up are transferred to their designated savings account or charity in near-real time.

Simple integration

Add secure capabilities to your network without back-end integration.

Flexible options

Make it easy for cardholders to build savings or support causes, one debit card purchase at a time.

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Developer resources

Integrate with ease using the FIS API library, Code Connect™

Provide enrollment and update options for cardholders to access through your financial institution’s digital channels using FIS Code Connect APIs.

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The easy way to save or give

Consumers can round up each debit card transaction, automatically saving their spare change for a rainy day or a good cause.

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The power of pocket change

Enable your customers to save money or contribute to their favorite cause by automatically rounding up each card transaction.

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