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Enhance Your Tax Information Reporting Services

Financial firms face a significant challenge in keeping up with industry trends, changing regulations and new products impacting tax reporting. This is particularly difficult when a firm is looking to grow. The combination of regulatory change with legacy systems leads to inefficiencies that cause hidden costs and potential compliance risks.

FIS® Tax Information Reporting Suite (formerly Wall Street Concepts Suite) simplifies tax compliance through reporting, consulting, training and other services that enable your financial institution to meet your tax reporting obligations to the IRS and your customers.

FIS transforms your year-end tax reporting burden into a user friendly, year-round process with our comprehensive, enterprise-wide tax reporting service.

FIS can help

Tax compliance and reporting, consulting and training to meet your tax information reporting obligations

Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Statements are delivered to your customers with Investor Tax Summary and Supplemental Schedules

Reduce Risk through Unique Toolkits for Tax Operations

Filtering tools facilitate searches and research with dashboards providing real-time views into current processing

Benefit from Operational Efficiencies

Exception-based reporting and year-round daily processing enhance productivity with annual tax form updates

Get to Know the Solutions

BPaaS for Tax Operations enables tax departments to maximize the benefits of our tax reporting services and products by drawing upon the expertise of our personnel.

Augment tax reporting staff and fill gaps from resource reductions
Satisfy regulatory responsibilities by freeing up key resources.
Support your customers with new financial product offerings
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FIS® Fixed Income Cost Basis Reporting Services supplement your existing basis tracking processes with the additional functionality the IRS demands

Completes your existing basis tracking processes with sophisticated computations and regulatory applications
Supports a wide range of debt instruments, including CPDI, VRDI, STRIPs and convertibles
Easily integrates with your existing cost basis reporting solutions
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FIS® Income Reallocation Services help you produce accurate tax statements within a condensed timeframe.

Support a broad spectrum of securities that experience reallocation events
Generate more than 40 web-based reports, such as progress status by firm or globally
Substantially reduce the number of corrected 1099s
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FIS® Tax Reporting Manager (formerly Compliance Plus) provides tax information reporting and services that enable you to meet your tax reporting obligations

Year-round data grooming that keeps tax information accurate and current
Reliable reconciliations and balancing ensure appropriate tracking
Detailed, organized tax statements with comprehensive supplemental tax schedules
Ensure Your Tax Health

FIS® TEFRA Glossary Data Services provides timely, accurate identification of securities’ tax attributes for payment events.

Minimize resource issues, potential penalty exposure and customer dissatisfaction
Avoid inaccurate reporting and withholding and the assessment of associated penalties
Rely on just one information vendor for accurate security information
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