• Participant Engagement Solutions

Solutions that educate and motivate participants to save for retirement

Most consumers aren’t investment experts, so making decisions for their future financial well-being can feel complicated, even scary. Make it easier for your plan participants with FIS® Participant Engagement Solutions.

Our solutions help you improve your participant communications, making them more personalized and understandable, which encourages signup and keeps employees engaged. They’ll have easy access to their accounts from any device, complete with interactive tools to put their individualized data in perspective and gain the confidence to make sound, informed retirement decisions.

Simplify participant decision-making

Eliminate the complexities that confuse employees and discourage them from becoming active participants.

Strengthen participant communications

Enhance participant profiles to enable precise targeting of relevant, compelling messages that keep employees informed.

Drive participant action from Day 1

Motivate employees to stay continuously engaged with the plan throughout the entire participant life cycle.

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Mobile app

Enable participants to conveniently manage their retirement accounts and drill down to the details using this branded app.

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Retirement digital engagement solution

Optimize your outreach efforts to encourage participant engagement and help employees prepare for retirement.

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Prepare your plan participants for retirement

Make retirement planning simple and automated for participants, providing a clear vision of their retirement – and their future.

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Communications that speak volumes

Provide important plan information and disclosures with a secure, dynamic and cost-effective solution.

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More products for you

Reduce costs and more effectively manage your retirement recordkeeping, trading and reconciliation, and payment processing for every plan type and market segment.

Transform your retirement business with a scalable ecosystem that’s intelligent, widely configurable and connected, with a range of flexible solutions and full services.

Through Reliance Trust, an FIS company, we bring you seamless integration of recordkeeping with custodial and trust services, as well as a cohesive servicing model.