The business intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing

As a treasury management professional, generating revenue and building long-term client relationships is a critical part of your role. The ability to customize pricing and provide transparent billing is essential to your success, but you can’t get there without the technology that modernizes and automates your pricing and billing processes.

FIS® Pricing and Billing is a premium, data-driven corporate treasury solution that helps you optimize revenue by providing visibility throughout the relationship. By accessing a full array of pricing strategies and fee calculations, you can craft personalized offers, generate clear and accurate billing, and operate with greater efficiency.

Maximize revenue

Identify your most profitable clients and services, detect lost revenue opportunities and easily manage repricing.

Improve relationship management

Aggregate accounts and customers to help define relationship-based exception pricing, fees and earnings credits.

Gain operational efficiencies

Transfer data in real time, easily generate reports and analytics, reduce errors and perform what-if pricing scenarios.

Compete more effectively

Respond to changing market demands, spot emerging trends and predict the potential impact of pricing concessions.

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New capabilities for Old National Bank

This Top 50 Midwestern bank’s head of treasury management describes its journey toward pricing flexibility and deeper data analysis.

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Merging account analysis with business intelligence

Eliminate manual account analysis, easily track exception pricing, and create meaningful proposals that attract profitable business.

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