• Retirement Plan Recordkeeping and Administration

Retirement plan recordkeeping and administration for every market segment and plan type

Whether you are the smallest or the largest retirement plan provider, FIS has the recordkeeping and plan administration technology to enable you to administer any and every plan type, including defined contribution/401(k), defined benefit, ESOP and 403(b)/457 plans. Our flexible, scalable and extensible technology helps you optimize your operations efficiently and securely, while allowing you to meet market demands and deliver results for your plan sponsors and participants – ultimately, growing your business.

Deliver a better experience

Meet participant, plan sponsor and advisor needs with digital products, accelerators and innovative solutions.

Scale operations through automation

Reduce costs with a streamlined workflow, robotics and STP, while minimizing redundant data entry.

Keep compliant and remain secure

Feel confident that you are fully compliant with current regulations and protected from security threats.

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Tailor the system to your needs

Process daily valued and balance forward retirement plans with a flexible solution that can be easily customized.

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Manage payment disbursement and tax reporting

Track and reconcile issued checks and maintain compliance with applicable taxes and regulations.

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Grow with a scalable and flexible platform

Help your business capitalize on the global trend toward increased asset growth in retirement investing.

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More products for you

Transform your retirement business with a scalable ecosystem that’s intelligent, widely configurable and connected, with a range of flexible solutions and full services.

Plan compliance can be a daunting, complex process as legislation continually changes. FIS can help you build a solid foundation with an ecosystem of solutions.