A holistic ecosystem for all your customer communication management needs

Customer preference is key when it comes to communication. But those preferences can be quite complex, which can make maintaining clear, consistent and effective customer communication across all touchpoints a frustrating, disjointed experience for you and your customers.

Engage your customers across every channel with FIS® Touch-CX, a centralized, cost-effective customer communication platform that manages all your customer communications while ensuring a consistent brand voice and great experience. Its stackable design enables you to build the customer communication management environment you require, at your pace, with a host of solutions to meet your needs.

Transform the card fraud journey

When a customer faces card fraud, FIS Touch-CX turns a frustrating dilemma into a seamless experience that maintains spending levels and builds loyalty.

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Break communication silos

Create uniform and consistent omnichannel communications across all touchpoints to provide a better customer journey.

Reduce operational costs

Decrease costs and free up valuable resources with a single source for all customer communication management.

Enhance the customer experience

Provide the enhanced and timely experiences your customers want by automating and personalizing communications.

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Meet the needs of the evolving customer

FIS Touch-CX enables you to create a personalized customer communication management strategy at your preferred pace with a range of modules that can be customized and combined to fulfill your requirements.

  • Lower costs without sacrificing control

    Free up valuable resources while gaining the scale and technology to deliver the best service at the lowest cost possible.

  • Ensure cardholder satisfaction

    Our programs are designed to ensure cards are delivered to cardholders on time and right the first time.


Build an experience that drives action, usage and loyalty with the FIS Touch-CX customer communications stack

You can integrate modules as your business expands and leverage APIs to connect with your existing systems effortlessly.

  • Provide a single portal for all communications.
  • Gain control and visibility over all work.
  • Works across all delivery channels.
Design Studio Services
  • Produce custom email, SMS and PDF communications.
  • Design for multiple devices and screen sizes.
  • Create a responsive user experience.
Insight Messaging
  • Tap into our analytics module and AI engine.
  • Prompt personalized messages based on life milestones.
  • Archive as-sent communications for reliable record keeping.
  • Access monthly statements, policies, notices and more.
  • Personalize correspondence with our self-serve web-based tool.
  • Target individuals or multiple customers at once.
  • Lower TCO.
  • Develop advanced documents.
  • Deliver multichannel communications.
  • Enjoy the benefits of flexible deployment and access models.
Return Mail
  • Reduce return mail rates.
  • Enhance visibility into returned mail.
  • Keep CRM systems up to date.
  • Turn data into actionable insights.
  • Predict customer behavior.
  • Make data-informed decisions.
  • Facilitate relevant, channel-aware customer interactions.
Real-Time Alerts
  • Contact customers when needed via SMS or email.
  • Trigger mission-critical messages with FIS flagship core products.
  • Create custom alerts or pick from our library.


Your centralized CCM hub

Meet all your customer communication management needs in one place, backed by financial stability, redundancy, security and technology.

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Ride the waves of change

The customer communication management environment has changed, which means you need to optimize and adjust for a great customer experience.

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Unify content across multiple channels

FIS Touch-CX can be the hub that brings together multiple parts of your organization to enhance customer experience and build loyalty for your institution.

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