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Connected Innovation

About the 2020 Event

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, FIS colleagues mobilized quickly to work from home. That meant some fast thinking, adjustment and ultimately, virtual collaboration for the 2020 InnovateIN48 Regional Round, which was held June 3-5. All contestants worked from their home offices.

This year’s Regional round totaled 1,804 participants on 389 teams. Of these, 14 teams were selected for the 2020 Finals and will be joined by six teams from the 2019 competition who were unable to travel to last year’s Finals.

The 2020 Finals will be held Sept. 14-18 and in the interest of safety for everyone, the 20 teams competing in the Finals will do so virtually.

A Culture of Innovation

InnovateIN48 celebrates our culture of innovation. It shows our commitment to giving our people the opportunity to experiment, grow and learn through this event along with our digital innovation labs, collaborative ideation platforms like Yammer, and much more.

High Intensity and Team-spirited

48 hours to create and code – uninterrupted. Competitors are inspired by teammates and other FIS peers cheering them on via social media, as they strive for the coveted trophy and bragging rights to the No. 1 spot in InnovateIN48!

Advancing Our Offerings

In the Final Round, using emerging technologies of their choice, teams will have 48 hours to select an FIS product and add another data source (could be another FIS Product, Open Industry Source or Partner source of data) and new technology to evolve the user interaction of the solution.
InnovateIN48 brings out the best, most creative and inventive spirit in our people. Their energy and enthusiasm are inspiring. The teams do an incredible job of researching and leveraging new technologies that lead to invaluable outcomes – new ideas, highly evolved skills and intellectual capital that we later apply to our products and solutions.”
– Ido Gileadi, CEVP, FIS Technology Shared Services and InnovateIN48 Executive Sponsor

FIS | InnovateIN48 2020

94 competitors on 20 teams from 11 international locations competed in the Final Round Sept. 14-18, 2020.

Innovation Is Empowering
Participating in InnovateIN48 is the highlight of our year on so many levels. It takes us away from our day jobs to focus on topics that we usually don’t have time for. We get to collaborate within our team, while also interacting with the other teams, and seeing what they have come up with. The camaraderie, the spirit of innovation, and the sense of achievement remain with you long after the event. Hoisting the trophy is only a small part of the experience – everyone who participates is a winner.”
– Cipherpunx, InnovateIN48 global 2019 competition winners