Transforming African reinsurance – FIS treasury solution boosts compliance and efficiency

A Leading African Reinsurance Company Meets Regulatory Requirements with FIS’ SaaS Solution

May 21, 2024

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Build an integrated, modern treasury operation to improve efficiency, reduce risk and drive sustainable growth.

FIS Solutions

FIS Treasury and Risk Manager – Integrity Edition


Greater operational efficiency and visibility through streamlined processes.


With FIS Treasury and Risk Manager – Integrity Edition, the reinsurer can more easily manage cash flows, cash forecasts, investments and risks while achieving compliance across borders.

With operations across Africa, the continent’s foremost reinsurance institution prides itself on offering local expertise and robust protection to its customers.

But manual processes and fragmented systems for cash management, forecasting and investment tracking made it increasingly difficult to meet local regulatory demands and drive growth. So, the firm asked FIS® to provide a new solution.

Flexibility in the cloud

Hosted and run by FIS on a software-as-a-service basis, FIS Treasury and Risk Manager – Integrity Edition gives the reinsurer a powerful yet easy-to-use treasury platform to manage both simple and complex treasury requirements.

Integration in the treasury

With FIS’ comprehensive system, the firm can seamlessly integrate its processes for cash management, forecasting, equities, debt, investments and accounting. It can also easily tailor the solution to help it comply with local regulations across Africa.

Insights around the clock

Customizable dashboards and reports provide real-time insight on debt and investments, which enable the reinsurer to make informed decisions promptly.

The firm has also seen a notable reduction in financial risks due to improved management of foreign exchange and money market risks.

Increased automation

Less financial risk

Easier compliance

Improved efficiency

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