Client Story


Global Insurance and Investment Management Firm Keeps Improving Efficiency With FIS

Based in the U.S., a global insurance and investment management company is one of the longest-standing FIS® clients. Over more than three decades of partnership, the firm has continued to expand its use of FIS solutions to help it operate more efficiently and support international growth.

Early adopter

In 1991, the organization became one of the first insurers in the U.S. to use FIS’ single platform for policy administration for all its local lines of business, including life and health insurance.

The solution’s core policy administration capabilities have helped the firm’s U.S. insurance business improve speed to market for competitive products, gain a single view of customers and, with workflow tools, create operational efficiencies, reduce manual processes and support decision-making.

Efficient communicator

In addition to automating policy administration in the U.S., the company wanted to outsource the printing and mailing of its nationwide communications to policyholders – and engaged FIS to help.

With connectivity to the policy administration system, FIS’ print and mail service uses state-of-the-art technology to manage the creation and delivery of accurate, personalized and impactful customer communications.

Growth driver

In addition to the U.S. operation, the company has established a number of insurance businesses around the world. All of these joint ventures use FIS’ award-winning actuarial modeling platform to manage risk and achieve compliance with local accounting and solvency standards.

At the same time, the company has increasingly invested in the expansion of its asset management business.

Specialist automated systems from FIS have been key to supporting this growth, with our leading solutions for private equity accounting, trade monitoring and loan syndication management all helping the firm better manage its investments globally across asset classes while reducing costs and risk.

At a Glance

Increase automation and operational efficiency across domestic and international businesses, and insurance and asset management business lines.
Streamlined processes, fewer errors and more productivity for less cost.


Partnership with FIS gives the company confidence in a wide range of core insurance and investment management processes throughout its global operations.

30+ years of partnership

Higher levels of automation

Increased efficiency

Reduced operating costs

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