Client Story

Turning the Corner with Automated Compliance

Empowering Centennial Bank

In 2008, Centennial Bank was a $1.5 billion community bank with amazing growth prospects, but it was being held back by its manual BSA/AML compliance processes that were tedious, inefficient and incomplete. FIS helped transition the bank to a modern, enterprise-wide system that automated onboarding and risk-rating of customers, automated regulatory report filing with batch processes for currency transaction and suspicious activity reports, and improved the bank’s ability to detect and report suspicious activity.

At a Glance

Save time and resources while reducing fraud risk with automated compliance checks.
Once FIS cut the chains of manual compliance, Centennial immediately saw tangible savings in time and resources, and knew it had a solution that could scale with its rapid growth.


Driven by acquisitions as well as organic growth, Centennial has quadrupled in size to more than $7.1 billion in assets. With each acquisition, Centennial has been able to faithfully rely on the FIS compliance solution.

4X growth in size, by assets

Multiple M&As supported by reliable compliance

Centennial continues on its strong growth trajectory and is working with FIS to ensure it scales smartly and efficiently, while ensuring its compliance operations are automated, accurate and consistent.