Client Story


Chetwood Financial Limited was founded in 2016 with a goal of challenging every aspect of how financial services firms have traditionally operated. The company’s philosophy is that only by rethinking everything – from product strategy down to the smallest details – can they take better products to market. Chetwood, which is headquartered in Wrexham, Wales along with a London office, targets the underserved segment of the U.K. market.

Since its inception, Chetwood has built its own technology for origination decisioning and client servicing. But when it came time to launch their new Wave credit card, the team needed a card processor that could be easily integrated into their existing architecture, deliver a high-quality service and allow for future customized innovation.

They went live in August 2021 on the FIS® Payments One Credit platform, which provides their cardholders the flexibility to access their accounts on any device, a user-friendly interface, card rewards that are easy to earn and redeem and enhanced fraud security for peace of mind. Chetwood also uses FIS BPO Fraud services to support their back-office teams.

The FIS team provided end-to-end support, from scope and design through implementation. The partnership with FIS gave Chetwood a strategic roadmap and a credit card platform that can scale with their growth. FIS also provides the team with the industry insight and product knowledge it has gained as a longtime leader in the market.

At a Glance

Launch the new Wave credit card using a robust, agile, API-enabled solution with the capability and capacity to scale as they grew.
A fast, simple, seamless and secure experience for U.K. cardholders


The FIS Payments One Credit solution has provided added value for Chetwood and its customers by stopping fraud before it happens, staying ahead of cardholder expectations and being flexible for whatever comes next.

Improved cardholder experience

Enhanced fraud security

When it came time to launch a credit card, we needed a card processor that would be able to embed itself into our existing architecture. We were able to innovate on top of the FIS Payments One platform and from that, in partnership, we were able to launch the Wave card.”
− Mark “Jenks” Jenkinson | Director of Strategy, Chetwood Financial Limited
The Wave card is doing great stuff for customers now and it’s creating lots of value. We’ve been really happy about the support we’ve received from FIS.”
− Mark “Jenks” Jenkinson | Director of Strategy, Chetwood Financial Limited