Client Story

Supporting Innovation and Growth with Automated Reconciliations

Empowering Credit Agricole Egypt

With more than 400,000 customers and a full range of personal, private and business banking services, Credit Agricole Egypt had recently expanded its network of ATMs and started offering innovative mobile wallet services as well as debit and credit cards. As existing manual reconciliation processes struggled to handle rising transaction volumes, the bank asked FIS to provide a fully automated solution.

At a Glance

Support growth and improve efficiency and service by automating reconciliation and exception management processes.
Thanks to Data Integrity Manager, Credit Agricole Egypt has been able to comprehensively automate the validation of millions of transactions. By eliminating slow, manual reconciliation and exception management processes as a result, the bank has significantly increased the efficiency of its reconciliation operations. And with FIS’ sophisticated yet highly user-friendly technology, staff can rapidly resolve even the most complex breaks and disputes.


While reducing the errors and operational losses caused by manual reconciliations in disparate spreadsheets, IntelliMatch has helped make the reconciliation process as a whole far easier to manage and control for Credit Agricole Egypt. So, the bank’s staff have become more productive and are able to respond to disputes in much shorter timeframes – enhancing not only efficiency but also customer service.


Thousand customers


Million ATM, card and mobile wallet transactions per month

We selected FIS’ technology because we like to work with strong, efficient and experienced partners.”
- Sayonara El Asmar | Head of Bank Operations and Deputy COO, Credit Agricole Egypt
The application is very efficient and the team is excellent and really professional. We definitely would recommend IntelliMatch locally and internationally within the group.”
- Sayonara El Asmar | Head of Bank Operations and Deputy COO, Credit Agricole Egypt

Both scalable and intuitive, IntelliMatch allows Credit Agricole Egypt to rapidly onboard new reconciliation processes – giving the bank a future-proof solution for supporting continued growth.