Client Story

Removing the Burden of In-house Reconciliation Management

Empowering a Global Tier 1 Bank

The bigger the bank, the greater the reconciliation volume – errors and manual interventions only slow operations and reduce agility. That’s why, when it came to supporting millions of monthly transactions across 40 countries, one leading global Tier 1 bank looked to FIS to host and manage all aspects of its reconciliations operations.

At a Glance

Reduce IT workload and infrastructure spend with end-to-end reconciliation management.
With secure data centers throughout the world and 24/7 monitoring and support, FIS Data Integrity Manager (formerly Intellimatch) meets the bank’s robust connectivity, network and database administration requirements. FIS also manages the bank’s data files for reconciliation, which total around 500 files a day, tracking down late or lost files and checking each one for anomalies. The bank has a round-the-clock view into reconciliation activities and availability via the Data Integrity Manager SaaS dashboard.


Thanks to its highly scalable IT infrastructure, FIS has been able to support the bank’s enormous volume growth in the seven years since the engagement began. Today, FIS supports more than 177 million transactions a month for the bank – an increase of 1,250 percent – and without a penny of additional infrastructure spend by the bank.


million transactions per month


growth in reconciliation volumes in 7 years

The bank continues to work with FIS to reduce its IT workload and infrastructure spend while gaining the peace of mind that comes with end-to-end reconciliation management.