Client Story

Resolving Technology Hurdles with FIS Managed IT

Empowering S&T Bank

S&T Bank, a $9.5B financial institution with roughly 75 locations across Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York, struggled to find the quantity and quality of IT professionals they needed to stay ahead of the competition and create a modern customer experience. At one point, they had dozens of unfilled job openings.

Plus, while the bank had best-of-breed technology across the organization, their solutions did not always work together and, in some cases, were breaking other systems. S&T Bank was looking to bring together their systems and implement a unified security solution.

As a longtime client of banking services from FIS®, S&T Bank tapped into FIS Managed IT to alleviate their IT challenges. Leveraging FIS Managed IT as an extension of their team allowed S&T Bank to tackle their four main concerns: resource challenges, scalability and conversions, cybersecurity and audits.

Simplifying conversions

Typically, acquiring a new bank required months of planning and working through a full weekend to convert all of the technology. The S&T Bank team would often close a branch on Friday afternoon and reopen on Monday morning without having been able to complete the conversion. However, in their first acquisition after switching to FIS Managed IT – a bank in Philadelphia, Pa., with 14 branches – they were able to complete all conversions within 12 hours of closing down the branches.

Decades of experience

Procuring and configuring hardware, monitoring circuits and network activity, securing endpoints and managing applications are all critical activities that enable a bank to run. However, bankers shouldn’t have to focus on infrastructure; their focus should be on key business initiatives and growth.

S&T Bank chose to work with FIS for its expertise and scale. FIS offers more than 20 years of IT and financial industry expertise with hundreds of fully managed IT clients and hundreds of thousands of devices and users secured and supported.

FIS’ comprehensive suite of managed IT and application services provides a clear path to reduced total cost of ownership, improved operational efficiency and security, and a more effective focus on business growth. S&T Bank can rest easy knowing that their IT environment is secured and managed by the same FIS-grade security tools, expert staff and best practice processes used to manage and protect the world’s most critical banking applications and data.

At a Glance

Alleviate issues caused by a shortage of qualified IT professionals and disparate, disjointed technology systems.


Leveraging FIS Managed IT enabled S&T Bank to unify their systems and avoid conflicts between disparate technology. With FIS managing their daily IT activities, S&T Bank was able to re-focus on key business initiatives and growth.


Acquiring a new bank used to require working through the weekend to complete the conversion – often without finishing before the bank reopened. Now, S&T Bank is able to complete conversions of new branches within 12 hours of closing the branch.

Implementation of a unified cybersecurity solution

FIS security experts proactively monitor the bank's environments and act against potential cyber threats, 24/7.

Reduced cost and elimination of key staff risk

FIS now provides the bank with the IT expertise needed to help their business thrive.

We don’t want to be in the technology business. We want to be in the banking business. Let’s let the experts taking care of the blocking and tackling of IT.”
- Jim Mill, Executive Vice President, Director of Operations at S&T Bank
We became scalable in a way that we couldn’t have done had we been managing [IT] in-house.”
- Jim Mill, Executive Vice President, Director of Operations at S&T Bank