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COUNTRY Financial

COUNTRY Financial, a company with over 2,600 employees and over 90 years of experience in financial planning and investment management, needed to equip their financial representatives to better help customers achieve financial security.
Financial advisors’ productivity was suboptimal; they spent significant time explaining complex financial concepts and using disparate systems for the various product lines.
The desired solution needed to strengthen customer relationships, improve information flow to customers and unify their various financial relationships in one system.

See how FIS helped COUNTRY enhance its sales pipeline and strengthen client relationships. #empoweredClients

COUNTRY Financial chose FIS’ wealth management solution suite to complement their customer-centric, personal-touch focus. As a resource for their financial representatives, the solution joined together various product lines systems and integrated the different financial security needs of their clientele.

FIS transformed how COUNTRY Financial’s advisors did business, enabling them to spend more time doing what they do best: building customer relationships one-on-one. Advisors were empowered to simplify complex information in terms easily understood by customers and displayed in a professional manner. This simplification has moved business faster, improving service delivery to the sales team and to the customers.


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