Innovation has changed the rules of lending. Are you keeping up?

of business owners applied for nonbank loans in 2021
Source: Federal Reserve Bank Small Business Credit Survey 2021 Report on Employer Firms

Waiting in a bank lobby? Not anymore. Borrowers are applying for loans at the coffee shop, on the beach, in their cars, and you have to be wherever they are, at the moment of need.

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Expectations are rising every day

Lending is no longer restricted to the walls of traditional financial institutions. Innovation has changed the rules, and borrowers have more choices than ever. To compete, your lending solutions need to meet your customers' evolving requirements quickly and comprehensively, now and in the future. FIS® unlocks new acquisition channels for financial institutions by empowering access to credit at the point of need.

View of person holding tablet device
View of person holding tablet device
View of person holding tablet device
U.S. consumers that have used
Buy Now Pay Later Source: Motley Fool

Buy now, pay later is here to stay

BNPL is no longer a novelty; it’s an expectation. We’re leading the innovation in enabling pre-, during- and post-purchase BNPL.

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Trust FIS to unlock your lending

We’re a global leader, processing more than $10 trillion annually. We drive scale and market adoption through banking, capital markets and merchant relationships, leading to faster access to funds at a global scale unmatched by any other provider.

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Disruption: Just another word for opportunity

With borrowers looking for faster, better delivery of credit, banks can stay ahead of the disruptors with the right digital technology strategies.

FinTech Minute

Hear a fresh perspective on three steps that can position you to seize emerging opportunities in the fast-growing digital lending market.

Lending unlocked

Be the solution for businesses that struggle to gain access to credit using outdated technology that exposes them to risk and impedes their growth.

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Lend more, lend faster, lend smarter

Unlock new acquisition channels like buy now pay later (BNPL) and embedded finance by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning.

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Commercial lending: Look forward, not backward

Today’s lenders are equipping themselves with technology that lets them move beyond purely historical data to better predict the outcome of their lending activities.

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Your digital transformation is in safe hands

A growing number of FIS clients have made digital investments that delight customers, differentiate their bank and open new channels for profit.

Retail lending in a digital reality

In the digital age, consumers are no longer willing to wait, and lenders must rise to new expectations if they're going to compete.

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Demystifying ESG in lending

If you’re feeling the pressure to demonstrate sustainability in your lending activities, here are five steps to bring focus to your ESG strategy.

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Unlocking innovation, unlocking growth, unlocking potential: Digital transformation is the key.

The world is changing. How can your financial institution keep up?

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Power in your hands

Asset Finance (formerly Ambit Asset Finance) Configure and optimize FIS Asset Finance to meet your unique needs, quickly drive digital transformation and optimize cost-efficiencies

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Transform lending

Commercial Lending Suite Expand your digital channels across the entire lending life cycle with FIS Commercial Lending Suite. Our configurable platform provides a deeper understanding of your customer and an exceptional customer experience.

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Efficiency is just the beginning

BPaaS Go beyond cost efficiency with managed services that improve customer satisfaction, boost digital adoption, drive growth and increase resilience.

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