Our Capital Markets Solutions

In the capital markets, you must constantly anticipate change. From heightened customer demands to regulatory and risk pressures and rapid market fluctuations, you face more complexity than ever.

That’s why there’s FIS. Only FIS delivers what you need to solve the next big issue standing in your way. Let’s solve something bigger.

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The 2021 FIS Readiness Report

The capital markets are facing a new level of uncertainty. There are clear paths to growth – but they'll be hard fought. What’s your strategy?

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Corporate Treasury

The cloud is more than a deployment model: It gives you more resilient and secure operations.

Let’s solve your ROI from the cloud.
Balance Sheet Management

Take a holistic approach to balance sheet management and significantly improve efficiency while reducing operational costs.

Let’s solve margin pressure with advanced analytics.

We’re rebranding our capital markets products to better reflect their value. But we’re bigger than a name change. We continually invest in our solutions to deliver more than ever before.

Let's Solve Buy-side Challenges

From greater investor scrutiny to the rise of strategies like ESG, our solutions for the buy side help traditional asset managers, hedge funds, private equity firms and fund administrators solve the bigger issues – and manage and grow their AUM.

Hedge Funds

Moving into new asset classes or strategies shouldn’t mean overhauling your technology and operations. Discover how you can achieve the agility you need to grow – whatever tomorrow brings.

Private Capital

The more transparent a private capital firm can be with its investors, the greater the capital allocations it will attract. It’s time to accelerate your digital transformation.

Let's Solve Sell-side Challenges

Whether market volatility is pushing your legacy tech to the breaking point or you're struggling with new lending and credit stress, our solutions for the sell side empower commercial and investment banks and broker-dealers to make markets, lend and manage risk.

Cleared Derivatives

Derivatives clearing is facing a toxic mix of challenges. Modernize your post-trade core processes with volume-tested technology, cross-asset capabilities and ever-expanding functional coverage.

Commercial Lending

To stay ahead of the game, you have to focus on what you do best: customer acquisition, account management and risk control. That means taking digital change beyond business as usual.

Let's Solve Corporate and Insurance Challenges

New risks, balance sheet shocks and volatility are adding pressure to processes that are already under strain. From insurance to corporate treasury, collections and more, discover how we help corporations around the world position themselves for growth.

Corporate Treasury

Corporate Treasury

As treasury teams look to the future, many are accelerating their move to digital technology. Cloud speeds up implementation, and with the right partner you can capture an even greater ROI.

Insurance Risk

From resilience to compliance, insurance risk management has a packed agenda. You need to quickly adapt to market change and maintain operational control. What if you could do it all with one system?

Let's Solve Risk and Operational Challenges

Market volatility, skyrocketing volumes and new risks are putting even the most sophisticated trading, operational and risk operations under pressure. Explore how our solutions are helping financial services firms and corporations around the world solve the bigger issues.

Balance Sheet Management

The pressure is on banks to increase earnings. With a holistic approach to balance sheet management, you can see all the risks ahead and give your profits a better chance to grow.

Data Management

Manual processes and disparate systems make data hard to aggregate, validate, access and action. Find a better way to manage your data – and improve operational resilience and your competitive advantage.

Electronic Trading

Amid extreme trading volume and market volatility, you have to optimize your trading speed and agility – fast. What if your electronic trading solution could advance your growth?


The pace of regulatory change is relentless. But with a comprehensive regtech ecosystem, you can get the visibility you need to control costs and gain better insights into your risk and compliance.

Let’s Solve Wealth and Retirement Challenges

The wealth and retirement industries are undergoing significant disruption. From new market entrants to more sophisticated customers, you need to transform your business model, think bigger and act faster if you want to compete and grow.


Plan sponsors expect far more from their retirement plan provider than ever before, all at a lower cost. If you want to stay competitive, you have to step up your game.


With a transformational digital strategy, wealth managers can deliver the products, services and experiences that suit each client – and focus on attracting the next generation of investors.

Our Services Help You Achieve Your Goals

The industry is shifting towards a services model, but COVID-19 has proved that the transformation is too incremental. To solve these bigger problems, you need a partner that has the right expertise and capabilities across professional and managed services.

Remote Service Delivery

Our remote service model is just as innovative as our technology.

FIS Managed Services

Our "always on" services ensure you can access your systems anytime from anywhere – even from your new home office.