Better guest experience, better operational efficiency: It all starts with better restaurant technology

Everything's changed. How will you change and adapt?

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The restaurant business is more complicated than ever

You need to provide a great guest experience, streamline operations, reduce costs and provide fast, personalized service across every channel, from dine-in to delivery to curbside pickup.

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The question is how?

How do you handle the ever-increasing costs? How do you keep up with the latest payment technology? How do you keep your customers coming back for more? How do you get the speed, security and frictionless back-office operations you need?

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67% growth in restaurant food delivery since 2019, according to data from OpenTable cited by Statista Source: Statista, "Year-over-year daily change in seated restaurant diners due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic worldwide from February 24, 2020 to November 23, 2021," 2021.
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54% of millennials say a self-ordering kiosk improves the guest experience Source: Toast, “How to Justify the Cost of Kiosks for Restaurants,” 2021

The answer is just three letters: FIS

We're built to serve you, so you can serve your customers. FIS goes beyond payments, boosting customer loyalty and revenue. We've helped thousands of restaurant groups and franchises with a complete array of commerce and financial solutions backed by consultative support and superior service that keeps guests hungry for more.

Consider these numbers:

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According to Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the global food service industry will account for US $4.1 trillion by 2026 Source: Global Industry Analysts, Inc. “With Market Size Valued at $4.1 Trillion by 2026, it`s a Healthy Outlook for the Global Food Service Industry Market,”
Nov. 16, 2021.


U.S. restaurant operating profits will increase 15% in 2021 versus 2020 Source: Restaurant Dive, "Restaurant operating profits will rise 15% in 2021, Moody’s predicts,"
October 21, 2021.


Driven by the coronavirus pandemic, US digital restaurant food delivery grew 123% from 2019 to 2020 Source: Droesch, Blake, eMarketer, “The pandemic reshaped restaurant delivery—and 2021 will be another year of change,”
Jun 2, 2021.

Key trends in the restaurant industry

Get your restaurant business ready for what's next with tools that simplify inventory, build loyalty and make payments seamless.

Turn up the heat

Accepting payment with crypto. Modernizing the supply chain with AI. Get a taste of the bold future for restaurants.


Next-gen fintech for restaurants

From payments to back office, let us help you simplify your operation and create a great customer experience.

Take Payments

Empower your customers to pay how and where they want: credit, debit, digital wallets, online, at the counter or at the table.

Manage Risk

Utilize the latest technology to prevent fraud, control expenses and minimize potential loss.

Leverage Data

Gain insight into daily transaction activity and consumer trends to provide your business with a competitive edge.

Drive Loyalty

Incentivize your customers to keep coming back for more with gift cards to reward point redemption.

Where greatness happens

Modern Technology for Restaurants

When you’re building a business, good is never good enough.  Only greatness will do.  This means pushing further, faster and stronger to make every aspect of your business shine.

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