TruSpend Lite Shopper Analytics

Analyze data with ease

Unlock Actionable Business Intelligence with Real Data

Understanding consumer behavior can be difficult. And that lack of understanding and insight can be impacting your business. However, getting the right data can be difficult and confusing to dive into. Until now.

With TruSpend Lite Shopper Analytics, you get the market data you need to understand your customers spending habits and buying patterns. Now you have a tool that packages actionable intelligence with easy-to-understand metrics, allowing you to be your own data analystall delivered to your email inbox each week.

How FIS Empowers Data Intelligence

Generate insights based on your customers’ purchasing behavior and build more business

Understand your market

Get weekly email reports with your business metrics so you can drive strategic growth

Optimize your strategy

Pivot your marketing efforts to align with local market trends

Grow sales

Refocus marketing activities to better connect with customers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TruSpend Shopper Analytics Lite?


TruSpend Lite is an email alert where small business owners can unlock real, meaningful data, right from your inbox. You will receive your unique business and payments metrics, including average revenue, average purchase price, and average number of transactions.

How is my financial data calculated?


As your financial processor, we are able to see all of your business credit card, debit card, and prepaid card transactions. Once the information is compiled, it is aggregated weekly and sent to you via email.

When will I receive the reports?


The email alerts will be sent to you weekly on Mondays.

Why is my attachment password protected?


At Worldpay from FIS, we value your privacy. By protecting your financial information with a password, we are able to deliver your business performance safely and securely.

How do I opt out of receiving TruSpend Lite?


To stop receiving TruSpend Lite, please contact Worldpay at +1 866.823.7325.