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FIS’ annual internal global coding competition returns for the 6th year. 67 competitors on 14 teams from around the world will meet in Atlanta, GA for the Final Round September 11-13, 2018, having earned their place by winning a top spot in the Regional Round held in May.

Innovation Empowering Hope

This year’s Final Round challenge is unlike any before. The Finalists will use technology to solve a social, humanitarian, scientific or philanthropic challenge. The theme “Innovation Empowering Hope” is where FIS’ commitment to innovation meets our commitment to giving back.

Shaping the Future through Creativity and Collaboration

InnovateIN48 A Culture of Innovation

A Culture of Innovation

InnovateIN48 shows just how serious we are about innovation at FIS. We tap employees’ innovative spirits through this event, our digital innovation labs, collaborative ideation platforms like Yammer, and much more. Learn more about FIS’ innovation.

InnovateIN48 High Intensity and Team Spirited

High Intensity and Team Spirited

48 hours to create and code – uninterrupted. Competitors are inspired by teammates and other FIS peers cheering them on via social media, as they strive for the coveted trophy and bragging rights to #1 in 2018 InnovateIN48!

InnovateIN48 Real Solutions for Real Challenges

Real Solutions for Real Challenges

Ideas born in InnovateIN48 can evolve into actual client solutions. One example: a corporate actions dashboard to manage data and risk that landed in a new FIS product. Concepts generated at the event are shared with our entire development community, enriching our collective knowledge.

"FIS InnovateIN48 captures the heart of our brand: innovation, ingenuity, passion and connection. Our team - a mix of UX and dev geeks from three countries - loves taking part each year. It is just so much fun. But it is far more than that: the event reminds us of what is possible when you carve out space and time to dream and create, and we carry this spark with us into the remainder of the year. While we were lucky enough to win in 2017, the joy of competing and networking with kindred innovators is the biggest reward.”

FIS employee from the 2017 champions, Ron Burgundy's News Team

InnovateIN48 The Journey To The Finals

Journey to the Finals

When registration opens for FIS | InnovateIN48, FIS software programmers, developers and engineers around the world get ready -- and get their game on. Self-formed teams of three to five colleagues plunge head first into this fierce, yet friendly and fun competition. In 48 hours, they’ll ideate: identifying a problem or opportunity. They’ll prototype: developing the solution using the latest technology. They’ll pitch: presenting their ideas to expert judges. Regional winners go on to the finals, where they do it all again together in a world-class venue, where they’ll address a new targeted challenge. The winner in the Finals takes home the 2018 FIS | InnovateIN48 trophy.

"As a judge, to hear the excitement in the voices of the participants when they presented at FIS InnovateIN48 brought a smile to my face. The confidence, goodwill and experience that people gain from implementing new technologies to drive innovative solutions at FIS InnovateIN48 cannot be overstated."

Ed Pankowski, FIS SVP & CTO, Digital Finance and Digital Payments, 2017 Regional Round Judge

InnovateIN48 Judged by industry experts

Judged by Industry Experts

After 48-hours of coding in the Regional Round, competitors present their ideas to FIS experts. Those who move on to the Finals, face a panel of judges made up of FinTech thought leaders from clients and the industry, as well as FIS technology leaders.

InnovateIN48 Sponsored by Technology Partners

Sponsored by Technology Partners

Microsoft has been a long-time contributor to the FIS | InnovateIN48 competition. We are grateful for their generous support, built on our enduring business relationship. To learn how your company can benefit from sponsoring FIS | InnovateIN48, contact us.

InnovateIN48 Innovation at FIS

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“The thing I love most about our internal tech competition, InnovateIN48, is how it brings together some of the brightest minds in the Fintech industry and provides them the opportunity to collaborate and develop game-changing approaches for our clients and our industry. It’s the ultimate employee experience for a ‘techie'.”

Denise Williams, FIS Chief People Office