FIS InnovateIN48

Inspiring Creativity, Innovation and Collaboration

Innovation Empowering Hope

The Final Round challenge for 2018 was unlike any before. The finalists used emerging technology to solve a social, humanitarian, scientific or philanthropic challenge. The theme was “Innovation Empowering Hope,” bringing FIS’ Giving Back guiding principle to life.




This year’s InnovateIN48 competition is special. We have a different theme – it is not about commercial innovation, it is about using technology to give back and address some of the key problems we are facing in today’s world."
- Ido Gileadi, Chief Information Officer

Shaping the Future through Creativity and Collaboration

All 14 teams developed socially responsible ideas for solving a problem in today's world using emerging technology. They presented their solutions to a judging panel of FIS' clients, industry experts and leadership.

Innovation is important because it drives productivity and growth. Productivity and growth are what determines our long-term prosperity, both as an organization and as individuals inside the organization. When innovation is at the heart of a company like it is at FIS, it becomes not a distant destination remote on the horizon of possibilities, but a road map that guides our journey to future success."
- The Break FIS Club team – InnovateIN48 Global 2018 Competition Winners

Journey to the Finals

Only three teams made it to the championship podium at the end of the Final Round 2018. The third place was awarded to “Be-API” team’s solution to help elderly patients maintain independent living; “Ron Burgundy’s News Team” took second place for their post-disaster relief platform to request and delegate available resources to those in need; and the #1 team who took home the trophy was “The Break FIS Club” team, with a solution for reducing caretaker strain for family members of patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s.