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FIS is excited to continue our popular global Hackathon event with a new name, FIS | InnovateIN48. This worldwide coding competition is designed to spark creativity, collaboration and exploration in financial technology – and ultimately produce tangible new ideas and solutions to enhance FIS’ products and services.

It’s a high-energy, intense, 48-hour session. During the Regional Round, teams of three to five FIS employees work simultaneously in their local offices or remotely to solve a client concern, or improve a business process that they’ve identified. They compete for the regional title, with the winners moving on to the Final Round at a special venue in a major city in September where they’ll be given a common challenge to solve.

Key Facts about FIS | InnovateIN48


2017 Regional Round: May 17 – 19

1,245 participants on 272 teams from 5 regions

2017 Final Round: September 11 – 14

Nearly 70 participants on 14 teams from 5 regions compete in person in Berlin, Germany

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What People Are Saying About
FIS | InnovateIN48

Denise Williams
Chief People Officer

Jacksonville, FL

FIS takes technology very seriously. It’s in our DNA and our culture, and our FIS Guiding Principles inspire our employees to think big and act boldly to reinvent the financial world of tomorrow.

The thing I love most about our internal tech competition, InnovateIN48, is how it brings together some of the brightest minds in the Fintech industry and provides them the opportunity to collaborate and develop game-changing approaches for our clients and our industry. It’s the ultimate employee experience for a ‘techie.

Ed Pankowski
SVP & CTO Digital Finance and Digital Payments

Milwaukee, WI

As a judge, to hear the excitement in the voices of the participants when they presented at FIS InnovateIN48 brought a smile to my face. The confidence, goodwill and experience that people gain from implementing new technologies to drive innovative solutions at FIS InnovateIN48 cannot be overstated.

Ed Pankowski

Gourav Jain
Client Relationship Manager, FIS Mobile

San Francisco, CA (home of “The Garage” – our Bay-area innovation lab)

The FIS InnovateIN48 hackathon is an opportunity for me to imagine new possibilities, and then make that dream a reality. We vision, imagine, brain-storm, learn, hack, build, present – all in collaborative 48 hours – to define new meanings for innovation and explore trending technologies.

Greg Montana
Chief Risk Officer

Jacksonville, FL

FIS InnovateIN48 underscores FIS’ commitment to one of its core values – Fostering an Entrepreneurial Spirit – to think big and act boldly to reinvent the financial world for our clients’ benefit.

Kurt Eggenburger
Managing Director, Global Accounts, I&W

Zurich, Switzerland

Demonstrating innovation and collaboration leading into change and transformation - in the number one FinTech company in the world.

Manel Harrathi
Market Research


The FIS InnovateIN48 is a time out of the time, an opportunity to only think innovation, imagination, and creativity. I like challenges that take me out of my comfort zone and that’s the spirit of the InnovateIN48. Our team was from marketing, customer support and DevOps. That composition worked like magic, and I think this is the way to drive innovation, when different profiles from the same organization comes together and think “What can we do different?”. The InnovateIN48 is an opportunity to apply the “Why Not” ideas, show the talent that’s in each one of us and moreover inspire other colleagues and contribute in rising high the FIS Brand as an Innovative and Creative Company.

Manel Harrathi

Ralph Calvano
Chief Development Officer

St. Petersburg, FL

FIS InnovateN48 is an important open forum of leading edge, high powered technologists fully engaged in helping our people create real world solutions. Fostering teamwork and creativity, and reinforced by FIS Guiding Principles, our forums keep FIS on top of the Financial Technology industry. #paymentspride

Ralph Calvano

Thomas Hale
Design & Usability Analyst

Collegeville, PA

InnovateIN48 is an opportunity to learn new skills/development languages, foster new relationships and put new ideas into action. Putting the prospect of winning aside, I see the 48 hours as an opportunity to create or even reinvent something for the greater good of the end user. If a solution can be feasibly delivered while making the user more productive or satisfied, then it delivers value to the organization.

Thomas Hale

The Innovation Evolution

The FIS | InnovateIN48 event was a germ of an idea planted in 2013, with a single round of competition at the regional level. It’s blossomed and grown over time into a world-wide, annual competition. Since then, it’s been welcomed each year with unbridled enthusiasm, more and more participants and the addition of new, creative touches. The name may have changed over the years, but the focus has remained fixed on innovation.


SunGard Hackathon

First enterprise-wide, company technology innovation event

425 participants competed in 5 regions


SunGard Codeathon

Global Final Round added to the Regional Round

Regional Round: 115 teams

Final Round in London’s Emirates stadium

11 teams

Challenge: mixing social media and trade data to detect trading violations


SunGard Codeathon

Points awarded for application security

Regional Round: 68 teams with 298 participants

Final Round in Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium

11 teams

Challenge: Big data analytics


FIS Hackathon

First event with employees competing from both FIS and SunGard

Regional Round: 237 teams with 1,059 participants

Final Round in Singapore’s Marina Bay

13 teams

Challenge: Blockchain

2016 Recap

Here’s a look back at some of the moments from last year’s event

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