Automate business account origination by reducing documentation needs and manual reviews

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A Small Business Origination Solution That Reduces Risk and Increases Productivity

BizChex® automates your financial institution’s identity and risk assessment when small businesses apply for new accounts. With a single inquiry, you’ll gain support for Customer Identification Program (CIP) compliance, behavioral risk assessment and loss prevention so you put the right customers in the right kind of business accounts for higher-quality relationships.

Because the BizChex decision engine pulls from multiple data sources in real time, you’ll have a comprehensive assessment on the business, so you know who your customers truly are.

Chex Systems, Inc. (herein “ChexSystems”) is a consumer reporting agency and an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of FIS and the provider of BizChex service, a non-FCRA service.

How ChexSystems Empowers Small Business Account Origination

Discover a real-time solution that simplifies your small and medium-sized business account origination

Reassess Risk

Customize your decision-making process to align with your institution’s risk tolerance

Streamline Processes

Instantly accommodate business customer’s needs and mitigate risk before an account is opened

Maximize Profitability

Offer the right accounts to the right customers at the right time


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