Send and receive money with almost anyone who has a U.S. bank account / right from their mobile banking app

More than 1,100 financial institutions are connected to the Zelle Network® enabling more than 1.2 billion transactions in 2020. With the FIS Zelle® implementation, you can quickly add P2P payments to your mobile banking app's capabilities too.

Personalized user experience

Out-of-the-box, hosted platform for a seamless digital experience.

Easy integration

Integrate directly into FIS digital banking products or use APIs.

Real-time payments

Utilize the FIS PayNet Network for real-time debit and credit processes.

Secured transactions

Protect customers with layered security, tiered spending limits and transaction alerts.

Turnkey marketing

Encourage customers to use P2P payments with free Zelle® Network marketing tools.

Supported customer service

Serve users with a comprehensive customer service tool or outsource 24/7 customer support to FIS.

Guided training

Educate staff before and after your Zelle® implementation with FIS training support.

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Developer resources

Customize for your business needs

Access every category of APIs through Code Connect, so you can enhance any solution.

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Give customers a simple and personalized experience when they pay bills, use P2P money transfers and move money between accounts.

Loyalty and Rewards Solutions

Keep your most profitable customers coming back for more by rewarding them based on the total value of their banking relationship.

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