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Support all of your cardholders’ ATM needs

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Streamline Your ATM Management Services and Processing

With FIS’ ATM software solutions, you’re empowered to differentiate the customer experience, minimize ATM downtime, reduce your expenses and simplify back-office processing.

Our ATM management services are tightly integrated into our debit and prepaid programs, fraud solutions and transaction repository GUIs, and include all the services you need.

How FIS Empowers ATM Processing

Discover a new approach to managing your ATM fleet

Enhance the Consumer Experience

Differentiate functionality preferences, including consumer-selected bill-mix, PIN change, marketing messages and mixed deposit transactions

Payments One UI Self-Service Portal for ATM Processing

Efficiently and inexpensively manage your ATM fleet for frictionless ATM processing

ATM-as-a-Service Managed Services

Outsource your fleet management to a single point of contact by consolidating ATM management services

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