FIS Disburse Pay

Offer your corporate customers electronic disbursement payments with real-time capability

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The One-to-many Payment Solution

FIS Disburse Pay offers a secure way for your corporate customers to electronically distribute disbursement payments to many recipients with real-time capability. The solution provides instant payment notification and a secure claim portal with multiple claim options.

Disburse Pay reduces the need for paper checks, lowering costs and fraud risks. It also provides new a revenue opportunity and an advantage over your competitors. Plus, deployment is simple.

How FIS Empowers Disbursement Payments

Discover the speed and operational efficiency of Disburse Pay

New Revenue Opportunity

Attract corporate customers looking for a cost-effective, one-to-many payment solution

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Offer payees a quick and easy way to securely claim funds without the wait

Easy Deployment

No user interface development needed to send payment notifications or store sensitive account details

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